My Musical Roots

  • Biography

         On February 1, 2002, William Shirley was welcomed into the world by his parents, Marty and Charlotte Shirley, and his older brother, Lucas. No...
  • The Pinky Promise That Changed My Life

    After playing guitar and singing for years, spending time on stages, being a member of band and choir, and writing my own music I expected to be comfortable on stage alone. I was wrong. I was terrified to walk on stage and sing in front of my friends, and I could not pinpoint why.
  • The Start of the Journey

    Growing up, I was surrounded by music through my family. My father plays the guitar (and almost any other instrument imaginable), writes songs, and sings. In his earlier years, he recorded some music of his own that I'm hoping to record one day too. Others on his side of the family play instruments and sing as well. Because of this, my father has had a massive influence on my music and music taste. Coming from a musical home, it was only a matter of time before I picked up my first instrument.
  • My Roots

    Being immersed in music growing up, I was exposed to numerous different genres. My parents always had country, southern rock, classic rock, and 80’s and 90’s pop music playing. My grandad would always listen to bluegrass when I was around him, and my uncle would have heavy metal turned on. This exposure shaped my music taste.