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E-Mail: wshirleymusic@gmail.com

Website: williamshirleymusic.com


Debut EP "Fly, Fly, Fly"


Born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina, William Shirley was brought up in a music loving home. He was exposed to all sorts of music, but he took the biggest liking to country music. Artists like Dwight Yoakam, Randy Travis, George Strait, and Keith Whitley are some of his biggest influences with Dwight Yoakam being stated as his all-time favorite. However, his biggest inspiration, and the reason he got into music in the first place, is his father, Marty. Growing up hearing his dad play and sing music as well as listening to music his dad recorded when he was younger all played a part in Will becoming a musician. After changing schools in middle school, he began posting videos on his social media. That led to his friends and teachers at school realizing his talent, and after a pinky-promise with his friend McKenna, Will began leading worship each week with some of his fellow classmates which helped him gain confidence and develop his talent. After he graduated high school, he finally had enough money saved up and decided it was time to record an album. He and his dad sat down and picked out 4 songs that they took to Studio 101 in Woodruff, South Carolina. Surrounded by amazing musicians, Will and his Dad got to work and co-produced his debut EP keeping his influences in mind along the way. Will walked in a nervous newcomer, and left with a great EP titled "Fly, Fly, Fly" that sounds like it was pulled straight out of the 90s. Since the release of his single (November 29th, 2020), and EP (December 13th, 2020), Will has gained over 50k streams across all platforms with 'Back To You' being the most popular song. He was also nominated for four awards through the Upstate Music Awards in 2020: Best New Artist, Best Solo Artist, Best Single, Best EP. Currently, Will is getting his foot in the door in the world of live music and gigs. He played his first gig at a local bar, The Carolina Bauernhaus Brewery & Winery, and has also played a handful of parties for friends. His drive and determination to 'Bring Back Good Music' and help carry on the music that the greats before him made is what motivates Will, and he looks to keep that motivation throughout his entire career.


William Shirley is based in Anderson, South Carolina. He is a singer-songwriter and also plays the guitar. His main genre is country, but you can hear rockabilly influence and even some southern rock influence on his music as well. He is signed to his own record label, Standpipe Records. To get in contact with Will for bookings or anything else, email him at wshirleymusic@gmail.com. 


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