The Start of the Journey

Growing up, I was surrounded by music through my family. My father plays the guitar (and almost any other instrument imaginable), writes songs, and sings. In his earlier years, he recorded some music of his own that I'm hoping to record one day too. Others on his side of the family play instruments and sing as well. Because of this, my father has had a massive influence on my music and music taste. Coming from a musical home, it was only a matter of time before I picked up my first instrument. I began playing the guitar at an early age, and over the years have learned and grown as a player. Aside from the guitar, I picked up the trumpet for a year in 6th grade and played in the middle school band, and spent many years in my school's choir, and even made a trip to all-state. Because of this, I began singing on my own quite often. Eventually, I began writing my own original songs. In high school, I got started playing in the chapel band, and eventually, began singing every chapel (check out the post titled “The Pinky Promise That Changed My Life”). The years of musical immersion and experience resulted in me recording my first studio EP “Fly, Fly, Fly." I am grateful to have had my father helping me produce the album. I am hoping to continue to grow as a musician and develop my God-given ability. My goal is to glorify Him through my music, in my career, and my daily life.